heat pump hot water
heat pump hot water
heat pump hot water

Heat pump hot water storage systems powered by solar energy

-Australian Government

Heat Pump Hot Water Systems by Thermal Ark

Heat pump storage hot water systems are both efficient, price competitive and compatible with renewables.

Policy Delay

In Australia inefficient Electric Element Hot Water systems powered by the grid release upwards of 3 million metric tonnes of CO2-e per annum. In 2010 all states except Tasmania agreed to ban electric hot water systems, but subsequently reneged as replacement solar boost or heat pump technology were deemed to be too expensive. As a softer policy the federal Government extended the STC rebate scheme to offset the higher cost of heat pump or solar boost technologies so that environmentally concerned individuals can choose a greener option without financial sacrifice.

Reduce Combustion

48% of Australian homes use natural gas hot water systems. Ignore the spin from your gas company that gas is green. It’s not. Gas hot water systems will release in excess of 2 million metric tonnes of CO2-e in 2020.


Natural Gas releases less CO2 than coal so if you have a 6 star instantaneous gas hot water system then you are not hurting the planet as much as your neighbor who has an electric element hot water system. However, since your gas hot water system is incompatible with renewables your not part of the solution either. Far better to install solar and use it to power an efficient electric heat pump storage hot water system that will provide your home with hot water day and night (not just when the sun shines) with almost zero emissions and zero ongoing running costs.

Only heat pump storage hot water systems are 1) efficient, 2) price competitive and 3) compatible with renewables. In the hands of concerned citizens they will make a difference.




heat pump hot water

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