All hot water systems sold in Australia must be approved by an independent approved test house for safety, reliability and efficiency. The various tests are covered by Australian Standards;


  • AS2712
  • AS3498
  • AS60335.21.40


Proof that the ARK2X0 units meets these standards is given on the face plate which lists its approvals;


  • Water Mark:   Certificate Reference WMKA25245
  • RCM:
  • Conformance to AS2712:2007:   Certificate SMKP25244


These standards include but are not limited to tests such as;


  • Potable Water Applicability
  • Pressure Vessel Safety
  • Efficiency determination for STC / VEEC across all applicable temperature ranges (refer Clean Energy Registry)
  • Electrical Safety



In sum, the ARK2X0 has been through an extensive program of independent testing that ensures it meets all safety and efficiency requirements.