To review the terms and conditions of purchasing your heat pump click here.  If you selected STC Rebate or STC+VEEC Rebate then the rebate has already been deducted from the sales price you paid. To recover this deduction ThermalARK will have to recover the rebate certificates on your behalf. To recover the certificates ThermalARK needs very specific documentation which depends on the installation and location. If you selected STC Rebate then we will require a plumbing certificate, photos of install, personal and plumber details. If you selected STC+VEEC Rebate we will also require an electrical certificate and proof of decommissioning of the old unit (photo with an axe through the tank etc). The easiest way to manage the collection of all relevant documents is through our online form which can be found  here.  Once the form is displayed follow the prompts and fill in all the fields as listed below.


Note: It is easiest to get an electronic copy of the plumber certificate, electrical certificate if needed, invoice, photos and plumber details prior to starting the process. If you start the process and find you do not have all the details you require than don’t worry, you can save the form for later by pressing the ‘save for later’ button. A reference link will be emailed to you which can be used to return to the half filled out form.


The form is separated into three pages; the first are personal and plumber details, the second installation details, and the third document attachments. The details page is shown below;

Fill in your details then select the NEXT PAGE button. The installation page is now displayed;

Select the Installation Type which will automatically determine what documents you will need to collect. Fill in the rest of the fields, ensuring the correct heat pump model is selected, then press the NEXT PAGE button to bring up the Documents page as shown below.

To complete this page you will need to take a series of photos, and get an electronic copy of the plumber and electrical certificate (you can take a photo) and upload all required documents to the form. Once complete press the SUBMIT INSTALLATION DOCUMENTS button, and verify that the form responds with an acknowledgement that the data was sent successfully.

Once submitted, ThermalARK will forward your claim to a trading house. The trading house will then send through a confirmation email (perhaps in a week or so), asking if you give permission to ThermalARK to collect certificates on your behalf. Please respond to this email affirming that ThermalARK can collect the certificates on your behalf. The trading house can then lodge the claim. If there is missing information or you do not acknowledge the email from the trading house then a ThermalARK representative will contact you to work through the process.

If you do not feel comfortable following this procedure then contact ThermalARK directly on 1800 44 90 30 for assistance.