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Hydronic Heating House

Step 1-Heat Pump.


Hydronic Heating – Efficient Eco Central H15 Heating & Cooling Heat Pump


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Hydronic Heating – Efficient Eco Central Heating & Cooling

This series can work efficiently with floor heating, water fan coils or radiators for heating/cooling, and also hot water with a water tank.

With the use of inverter compressors, brushless DC fan motors and PFC control method, the units can regulate the running capacity. With no frequent start-ups and stop running, the units can work in stable condition with high efficiency. The energy consumption is 30% less than that of common fixed speed heat pump units.

Are you interested in both heating and cooling your home in a more efficient way? Hydronic heating and cooling is a great solution for the environmentally-conscious homeowner. You may have heard of Hydronic Heating, but did you realise these units can also provide cooling?

Why use Hydronic Heating Systems?

Hydronic heating systems are superior to ducted heating systems that often utilise in-floor or ceiling vents for heat distribution. The Eco Central systems offer the ultimate in home comfort, add value to your home and save you money on your heating bills. Hydronic heating systems are reliable and resilient.

The fact that there is no forced heat distribution via a fan, means Hydronics are suitable as a dust and allergen-free solution.



Model H15

Power: 240VAC – 50Hz

Heating Capacity: 6-18kW

Power Input (heating): 1.6-7.0kW

COP: 4.8 (heating 7C, 30->35C)

Cooling Capacity: 6-15kW

Power Input (cooling): 1.6-6.0kW

Refrigerant: 410a

Noise: 54dB(A)

Water Connections: DN32

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Parts: 2years


Step 2 – Radiator


PFP Fancoil Unit


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PFP Fancoil Unit

High efficiency.

The heat utility capacity of the fan coil units is twice higher than that of the common radiator. As the heat is distributed to the rooms, the units can save 30% energy consumption compared with common heating radiators.

Easy installation

The units are flexible and can be installed wherever you want because of their varied installation methods. You can choose between floor standing or wall-mounted installations.

Model PFP: 060-V / 100-V

Power: 240VAC 50Hz

Input Power: 25W / 40W

Heating Capacity: 3.3kW / 4.9kW

Cooling Capacity: 2.5kW / 3.8kW

Water Flow Rate: 430L/h / 650 L/h

Water Pressure Drop 35kPa / 45kPa

Air Volume: 460m3/h / 650m3/h

Noise on low fan: 35 dB(A) / 30 dB(A)

Water Connections: DN20

Drain Connection: DN16

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Parts: 2years



Step 3 – Fittings

We recommend PE-Xb hose and fittings sourced frombunnings

  • s53/4″ * 20 PE-x COUPLING

  • s2

    20 PE-x ELBOW

  • s3

    20 PE-x TEE

  • s4

    20 PE-x VALVE

  • s9

    20 PE-x to PE-x COUPLING

  • s8

    20 PE-x to 3/4Cu COUPLING

  • s7

    20 PE-Xb Hose Black

  • s6

    20 PE-Xb Hose Red

Note: All pipework within walls should be covered with insulating foam to prevent condensation.

Step 4 – Manifold


We recommend as a minimum a 3 way manifold for the H8 and a 4 or 5 way manifold for the H15

Step 5 – Plumbing


Make sure circuit is leak tight. Purge circuit to remove all air.

Step 6 – Electrical

Electrical works must be done by a qualified professional