ARK200 Heat Pump Hot Water ($2263.63)


The ARK200 is a highly efficient air source heat pump hot water system. To understand how heat pumps improve efficiency click here. Due to its efficiency the ARK200 attracts Federal STC + Victorian VEEC + VicSolar Rebates reduce the price depending on your location, type of installation, and eligibility.

  • If you are replacing an electric element hot water system in Victoria check the STC and check the VEEC check boxes (Total Cost $900)
  • If you are replacing a  gas hot water system in Victoria or live outside Victoria check the STC check box (Total Cost $1500)
  • To claim the VicSolar Rebate (check eligibility) also check the VicSolar check box. The total price will be further reduced by $500 upfront, and an additional $400 cashback after all documentation is supplied to ThermalARK.

Note: By selecting any of the options you agree to provide ThermalARK with all necessary documentation and agree to give ThermalARK permission to claim applicable certificates on your behalf. Documentation includes photos, plumber certificate, electrical certificate (VEEC or VicSolar). 

STC Rebate


VicSOLAR Rebate



Add-ons total:




Tank Capacity: 200L

Heating: 3.6kW

Heat Pump Input Power: 0.94kW

Voltage: 240Vac/50Hz

Maximum StartUp Current: 13A

Water Recovery Rate: 75L/h

Maximum Water Temperature: 60C

Maximum Water Pressure: 0.85MPa @ 99C

Operating Conditions: – 7C to 43C

Boost Element: 1.5kW

Boost Element Water Recovery Rate (if used): 30L/h

Fan Volume: 450m3/h

Noise: 48dB(A)

Connections: 3/4″

IP Rating: IPX4

Installation: Outdoors

Additional information

Weight 125 kg
Dimensions 640 × 640 × 1655 mm
Controller Functions

Intelligent Mode, Two Timers, Eco Mode, Normal Mode, Vacation Mode, Full Defrost Cycle, Sanitation Cycle


Compressor Overload, Over Temp Cut Out, P&T Relief Valve


Tank: 5 years, Parts: 2years, Workmanship: 1year


AS2712:2007 SMKP25244, AS3498, AS60335.21.40, RCM, WaterMark : WMKA25245