PFP Fancoil Unit


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PFP Fancoil Unit

High efficiency.

The heat utility capacity of the fan coil units is twice higher than that of the common radiator. As the heat is distributed to the rooms, the units can save 30% energy consumption compared with common heating radiators.

Easy installation

The units are flexible and can be installed wherever you want because of their varied installation methods. You can choose between floor standing or wall-mounted installations.

Model PFP: 060-V / 100-V

Power: 240VAC 50Hz

Input Power: 25W / 40W

Heating Capacity: 3.3kW / 4.9kW

Cooling Capacity: 2.5kW / 3.8kW

Water Flow Rate: 430L/h / 650 L/h

Water Pressure Drop 35kPa / 45kPa

Air Volume: 460m3/h / 650m3/h

Noise on low fan: 35 dB(A) / 30 dB(A)

Water Connections: DN20

Drain Connection: DN16

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Parts: 2years